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Food is personal. Which is why trying to choose lunch for the whole company can be challenging. That’s where we come in! EAT Club offers premier individual meal delivery for companies without onsite cafes while eliminating the headache of managing menus, choosing restaurants, or trying to order just the right amount of food.

How EAT Club Works
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styled top down view of eat club lunches

Individually ordered, enjoyed together

Your employees choose the lunch that suits their taste and dietary restrictions from an extensive and frequently changing menu each day. Then everyone’s individual meal is delivered together during your designated delivery window, like clockwork. Our world-class technology platform, partnered with the global leader in food service, offers individual meal delivery for offices at scale in a single consolidated delivery for the way the world works today.

What You’ll Love

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“The employees had their time back and were re-investing it in each other.”

Deja Ramos

Senior Manager of Employee Experience, IMVU

Feeding company culture

When it comes to stronger culture, increased productivity, and happier, more engaged employees, EAT Club delivers.

Bringing in lunch with EAT Club nourishes more than your people: when everyone at your company eats at the same time every day, you create casual collisions that boost morale, encourage office camaraderie and even earn you kudos in the process! It also helps you attract and retain top talent and keeps your current employees happy.

Feel good about taking care of your employees and the environment with no food waste.

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