Get lunch at work. Without the work.

You click. We deliver. Everyone eats.

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Lunch delivery made personal, easy, and delicious.

EAT Club offers simple ways to feed your office as often as you’d like. Our chefs and food designers, in partnership with local restaurants, prepare a daily menu that has something delicious for everyone. And then we deliver it all on time, every time.

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How it Works

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Step 1

Just a quick chat with our team and we’ll help you find the perfect plan for your office and budget. We get your whole team set up to order, and in minutes, your job is done.


Step 2

Every team member picks their own lunch from our curated daily menu. You do nothing (except pick a lunch for yourself).

Box 'o' Food

Step 3

Our delivery drivers bring everyone’s lunches all at once. Everything arrives fresh, delicious, and on-time. Every time.

Our Programs


Feed your whole office without eating into anyone’s schedule. Everyone chooses their own lunch from our ever-evolving daily menu with a quick click, and we deliver it all at once.

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Delicious handcrafted, artisan sandwiches and salads promptly delivered and impressively set up for your meeting. You don’t lift a finger or a phone.

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Just like it sounds. Individual box lunches for each member of the team. Either order for the group or invite attendees to choose their own box lunch. You can order box lunches even if you’re not an EAT Club member.

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Snacks are the most important things we eat between meals. It’s science. That’s why EAT Club has a delicious, and healthy (if that’s your thing) array of them. Just set a weekly budget, pick your snacks, and we deliver.

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Lunch is delivered to your office however often you decide. Daily. Semi-daily. Daily-ish. You tell us.

Lunch is personal...Let's keep it that way. Bring in individual meals for everyone on your team, one to five days per week.

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“Everyone is happy every day because of the autonomy in ordering.”

John Fallone, CEO

Telecommunications | 11-50 employees

Does your company already use EAT Club? Log in or sign up.