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What We Do

EAT Club satisfies individuals to power teams.
Whether you’re an office of 20 or 1000+ employees,
EAT Club is a virtual cafeteria that can satisfy everyone’s tastes by delivering personalized, delicious meals to office teams.

We feed hungry stomachs (and minds) in San Francisco/Bay Area and Los Angeles

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How It Works

Employees choose their favorite lunch from a curated menu of delicious options everyday, developed by award-winning chefs.

EAT Club promptly delivers the individually packed lunches all at once to each office, 99.7% on time.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Backed by our top-notch customer service team.

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Benefits of EAT Club

EAT Club allows employees to select their personal lunch from a curated menu of fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps and wholesome or hearty, hot and cold entrees.

Employees also love...

EAT Club takes a customizable approach to help you find the lunch program that works best for your office while reducing food waste, meeting individual dietary restrictions and providing top-notch support.

Admins also love...

Providing office lunch is proven to drive productivity, increase collaboration and benefit company culture.

Office lunch drives business

explore the power of choice

delivering office lunch with personal choice

Lunch Isn't Your Only Option

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