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EAT Club is the leader in individual lunch delivery for businesses. With easy ordering and simple administration, a single, consolidated delivery, and dedicated client support, more than 1,000 companies enjoy transformed meal programs and culture with EAT Club.

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Enterprise Grade

EAT Club is the leader in enterprise-grade food service for companies without an onsite café. Create a consistent employee experience across multiple locations with a consistent food program.

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Unlike traditional business catering, EAT Club meals are individually ordered, individually packaged, and labeled by name, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they want.

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Backed by the global leader in food service, we bring safety into every part of the process. From food preparation and packaging to the same company-employed delivery driver showing up to your office every day, we keep your safety top of mind every step of the way.

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Unlike on-demand food services or other lunch catering services, EAT Club allows orders from the desktop or mobile menu up to 7 days in advance or as late as the day of delivery.

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Stress Free

A single delivery arrives at your office, on time, every time, thanks to the best-in-class technology and logistics process perfected over the past 12 years. All your food arrives together at the same time.

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Beyond Boxed Lunch

Robust, rotating menus feature individually packaged hot and cold entrees that meet various dietary tastes and restrictions for an elevated, inclusive mealtime experience.

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On the Go

Each employee receives notifications on their phone and to their email letting them know that their meal has arrived and exactly where it is located in our organized pick-up unit.

“It makes my life so much easier and there are so many options!!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

EAT Club Service

Is EAT Club available in my area?

EAT Club is available in the following metro areas: Appleton, WI; Atlanta, GA; Bethesda, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Denver, CO; Durham, NC; Minneapolis, MN; Mississauga, Ontario; Newark, NJ; Sacramento, CA; Santa Clara, CA; Sunnyvale, CA; Troy, MI; Washington, DC. EAT Club does not offer service outside of the US and Canada.

How do I sign up or resume service with EAT Club?

To learn more about our service and get started, please fill out this contact form and someone from our team will be in touch.

How will I know when my meal has arrived?

Guests will receive a notification via email and mobile app (if downloaded) when their meal arrives. Notification preferences can be configured in the app and in the 'My Account' tab.

Does EAT Club do one-time events or catering?

The EAT Club process has been optimized for recurring daily or weekly deliveries and therefore we do not do one-off catering events.

Is there a minimum daily spend / meal count?

The mimimum daily order per location is 50 meals.

Does EAT Club deliver to residential?

EAT Club's delivery is only for corporate locations.

Does EAT Club service weekends?

Weekend service may be available to guests in specific geographies.

Menu Experience

How does EAT Club accommodate dietary needs?

We strive to provide a diverse menu every week that allows options for guests with major allergies and a variety dietary preferences. To make it easier, the menu is sortable by dish tags like vegetarian, protein type, etc.

Can I customize my meal?

Meals are unable to be customized. Some dishes may have elements like nuts or cheese separate to allow you to dress the meal to your preferences.

Does EAT Club offer breakfast or dinner?

Breakfast and/or dinner may be available in certain geographies. Reach out to our team to learn more.

What allergen information do you provide?

We strive to provide complete transparency in our ingredients and allergens so that you can make a safe and informed decision. For every food listed on the site, we provide:

  • An ingredient list that includes all main items, as purchased, that are used in the recipe. Sub ingredients of purchased products are not listed.  For example, the main items in a chef salad are lettuce, cheddar cheese, bacon, cucumber, tomatoes, croutons, and vinaigrette. The sub-ingredients that make up the cheese, bacon, croutons, and vinaigrette are not listed.
  • A recipe specific allergen disclaimer which includes all allergens present in the ingredients used in the recipe as well as any allergens that are identified as “at risk” in the ingredients. This includes statements from manufacturers like “processed in a facility with” or “may contain.”
  • An additional allergen statement that covers potential cross contact in our production areas.
    “Be aware that we handle and prepare egg, milk, wheat, shellfish, fish, soy, peanut, and tree nut products, sesame, and other potential allergens in the food production area of our facility.  Contact help@eatclub.com  with questions.”  

We have an Ingredient Ambassador at every location who can answer additional questions and share recipes and product labels upon request.

Why do some dishes have nutritional and allergen information while others do not?

We attempt to provide nutrition and ingredient information that is as complete as possible. Products may change without our knowledge and menu items are prepared in close proximity to other ingredients that may result in cross-contact with ingredients not listed, including allergens. Guests with food allergies or specific dietary concerns should contact help@eatclub.com for individual assistance.

Can you place group orders through EAT Club?

Yes! Program Administrators have the ability to order extra meals, invite guests to order, or place a group order.

Can I access EAT Club on my phone and place orders?

The EAT Club app is available in the App Store and Google Play store and contains all the same functionality to browse menus and order as on the desktop experience. We highly recommend downloading the app for a streamlined experience.

Is the packaging recyclable, compostable, etc?

Information about how to properly dispose of packaging can be found directly on the container. Many containers are excellent to take home and reuse!

How do I provide feedback?

We love to hear from you! Dish feedback is collected via 5 star rating and open comments and sent directly to the kitchen every single day. Find 'My Orders' under your name in the top-right dropdown. Click on Past Orders and follow the 'Rate Dish' link to leave a star rating and review for the meal.

How does EAT Club compare to traditional corporate catering companies?

EAT Club is unique with its individually ordered and individually enjoyed meals. Meals are pre-portioned so everyone can choose exactly what they want to eat that day, drastically reducing food waste and eliminating "end of the line" run out. Food is sealed immediately upon packing so it is safer and is only opened by the employee who ordered it.

What sets EAT Club food catering services apart from restaurant catering?

Meals arrive in one consolidated delivery within the same 30 minute window daily. Employees know exactly what to expect and the organized racks ensure an easy and efficient pick up.

What are the benefits of individually packaged meals for the office?

Offering meals, specifically individually packaged meals, is a big win for employers and employees. It helps with employee retention, improves morale and camaraderie, and minimizes food waste. Looking for an incentive to encourage return to office? Look no further!

Account Management

Why does EAT Club want my email and phone number?

Your email is used to create your individual ordering account. We request phone numbers in case we need to reach you right away in regards to an issue with your EAT Club order. We do not share any of your information outside of EAT Club and will only contact you with issues pertaining to EAT Club's ordering and delivery service.

I'm having issues accessing my account.

The most common reason for this problem is that you have been logged out of your account. Simply go to www.eatclub.com and click the "Login" button in the upper right hand corner. You will be prompted to enter your email and password to log back into your account.

How do I reset my password?

For account-related issues and password reset assistance, please contact Digital Care.

How do I switch between office locations?

You can find the location dropdown at the top of the menu. Use this to select the location of your lunch delivery.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel an order go to the 'My Orders' tab under your name in the upper right hand corner. Find the meal you wish to cancel in 'Upcoming Orders' and Cancel.

It is Sunday and I am trying to order for Monday. Why can't I see the menu?

Orders need to be placed one business day in advance, so orders for Monday need to be placed on Friday so the kitchen has time to staff and prepare accordingly.

General Inquiry

How do I apply for a career with EAT Club?

We are always looking for excellent people to add to our team. Please see our Careers page for open roles.