Revolutionizing Office Lunch, One Meal At A Time

EAT Club is on a mission to transform the office lunch industry by delivering an exceptional experience with great tasting food and satisfying variety. We utilize tech-driven logistics to bring a superior food experience via virtual cafeterias to the workplace.
EAT Club provides "lunch as a benefit" to leading companies in the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles. Lunch is an increasingly important part of the workplace and EAT Club's innovative programs marry custom technology, curated food, and sophisticated logistics to deliver a superior experience. We make it easy for employers to offer their employees quality, variety and control over their lunch, and make it easy for office managers to administer the program, save on cost and improve employee happiness.
over 18 million meals
over 5000 companies served
99.3% on-time delivery
EAT Club is based in Redwood City, CA and has attracted a world-class group of investors including: