Lunch Is Personal,
Lunch Programs Should Be Too

Employees select their own lunch from a curated menu of diverse dish options

"THIS IS AMAZING! I was so excited to order this, and it delivered! Beautiful, flavorful, delicious. If this was on the menu every day I would never stop ordering it."
"Best lunch I have ever gotten from Eat Club!!!!"
"As an employee who is lucky enough to receive lunches from my company at all, I feel pampered and appreciated to have multiple QUALITY meals from which to choose."

EAT Club strives to provide options that meet dietary restrictions and personal preferences

"What's not to love? Perfect balance of fresh salmon, edamame, mango and rice plus yummy light dressing and fresh ginger and wasabi. I'm in love with lunch!"
"Love this gluten free / dairy free meal!! Also love the Paleo meal by the same vendor. Need to keep this or the Paleo meal on the "Everyday Choice" for sure!"
"Perfect paleo meal! Completely satisfying and delicious!"

Our dedicated customer support teams ensure your lunch satisfaction with unparalleled service

"Love everything about this meal. Each bite gets better and better. Thank you eat club. Have this meal on the menu as much as you guys can."
"I don't often take the time to review Eat Club meals, but this one was so much better than the average, I just had to take a moment to say, WOW! A very tasty option!"
"I love that you took the tails off the shrimp for me. And it looks like you included more shrimp, just a little smaller than before - that was good. This is my favorite dish on EatClub."

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